The first function of a mattress overlay is to restore a mattress' feel and secondly to insulate from cold.

The mattress overlay is an excellent way to avoid suffering from back pains on board !

All of our mattresses are garanteed 5 years.

All of our mattress overlays are made-to-order according to the dimensions of your mattress, with the finest components which provide a plush feel for restful sleep under all circumstances.

Exclusive Victoria ticking  is treated anti-mosquitos and sanitized against bacteria, dust mites and mildew.



Comfortable and insulated overlay with exclusive Victoria damask ticking 55% cotton, 45 % polyester, sanitized treated (anti-dust mites). Padded layer comprised of hollow fibers 400 g/m2, anti-condensation and VICTORIA TEC no-slip underneath which keeps it in place atop the existing mattress.
Thickness 30 mm. In addition to its plush feel, it insulates against winter cold and summer heat


Comfortable and plush feel mattress with exclusive Victoria top and bottom quilted ticking. Climatized cover, hollow siliconized fibers 800 g/m2 , finished thickness 60 mm, elasticized corners.


Weightless sleep !
Presigious, hypoallergenic viscoelastic foam overlay which completely envelops your body's shape and evenly distributes  pressure to all contact points
Thickness 70 mm, comes with  quilted Victoria ticking known for its excellent comfort, VICTORIA TEC anti-condensation and no-slip bottom whose rubber pins keep the overlay in place atop the existing mattress.



A very comfortable micro-honeycombed and high-density molded latex mattress overlay.
The Grenadine overlay transforms your mattress into a welcoming bed with a traditionallly plush feel. Thickness 70 mm , climatized cover with exclusive sanitized treated Victoria damask ticking. Cover cannot be removed, anti-condensation and no-slip VICTORIA TEC underside which keeps the overlay in place atop the existing mattress.