Ergonomic viscoelastic foam mattress.
In contact with the body's heat, the heat-sensitive polymer envelops your body's form and provides equal pressure to all areas of your body. Developed by NASA for its astronauts, it offers superior performance to standard foam : not too hard, nor too soft, but incredibly sensitive, synonymous to exceptional comfort and lightness. Ask for a TEMPUR brand estimate.



7 cm viscoelastic foam mattress,  50 kg/m3 mounted onto a 12 cm grooved HR foam center 35 kg/m3, glued to a 1 cm Victoria DRY underlay to evacuate traspiration, finished mattress measures 20 cm in thickness. Bamboo-fiber cover,
62% cotton, 38% soft, comfortable polyester,
offering quick heat transfer between body and foam, for one-piece mattresses only.



3,5 cm visocelastic foam mattress 85 kg/m3 glued to an 11,5 cm grooved foam 40 kg/m3, glued to a 1 cm Victoria DRY underlay to evacuate transpiration, finished mattress thickness 16 cm. Bamboo fiber cover, same as Galapagos.
In 2 parts with Victoria quilted ticking



(upon request )

Because of its thick and plush mattressing, the exclusive Victoria damask ticking offers an inviting feel :
5 cm thick, 400 gram padding,10 mm foam mattressing, anti-dust mite, sanitized and anti-mosquito treatment.

Viscoelastic Tempur-specific mattress cover. High quality velour made from a naturally cleaned mix of 75% cotton/25% polyester. Color : Cream. The inside is made from highly resistent, aerated cotton, equipped with a PU-based no-slip trait. Sliding closure allows for easy cover removal and installation. The cover is machine washable 60°C.

 TEMPUR MATTRESS in viscoelastic foam (removes the disagreable feeling of rolling on your mattress when boat rolls or heels)
The TEMPUR mattress perfectly forms to your body shape making you feel weightless:
by perfectly adapting to your body shape, it allows you to sleep in a natural and relaxing position.
A7 cm upper layer of thermosensitive viscoelastic foam is layered onto an 8-12 cm base of highly elastic polyurethane foam. The air channels between the TEMPUR and foam layers ensure additonal flexibility deep down and a better ventilation of the mattress.
Two thicknesses 15 cm or  20 cm finished mattress
Garanteed 5 years.

It offers exceptional compromise : its comfort and feel are close to latex. Its ventialting capabilities and resistence against humidity increase its lifespan. It is manufactured in a manner which respects the environment and energy consumption.
In addition, it meets the latest European fire-retardant standards.