Spring Mattress



Made-to-order BONNEL spring mattress, 3 comfort zones. The biconic springs are thermostabilized and phosphated in order to prevent oxidation. 

The mattress lies on a Victoria Mat  anti-condensation underlay and is then enveloped with a foam thermoformed perimetric belt with 4 holding strips and 4 airholes. 

Minimum thickness of finished mattress : 17 cm. Maxi : 24cm


Prestige MULTI POCKET enclosed-spring mattress. Each spring functions independently. Five comfort zones provide ideal body support in any position.
The anti-rust treated outer frame stabilizes the spring suspension throughout.
The outer lining is made from soft cotton felt and four centimeters of viscoelastic foam 50 kg/m3.
Luxury Victoria ticking, filled with a welcome 400 g anti-bacterial padding and hand-tied in order to provide extraordinary resilience.
The underside is filled with felt insulation for the springs, an anti-humidity underlay made from Victoria Mat latexed coconut fibers  and covered with a VICTORIA-TEC breathable and anti-slip polyester felt ticking
Minimum thickness of finished mattress :
20 cm, maximum up to 26 cm. Three categories : soft, medium and firm.

options : sliding mechanism to attach 2 mattresses and mattress overlay