Mattress Frame


How to choose a mattress frame and underlay ?


VICTORIA mattress frames transform an ordinary sleeping space into a totally comfortable and aerated bed. It is a necessary component for comfort and aeration and particularly for making your mattress long-lasting.
The Victoria Flex self-carrying slatted mattress frame comes with wheels to allow for easy acces to storage space under the mattress.

Tip : get rid of storage trap doors when you install a Victoria Flex slatted mattress frame: not only will you have easier access to storaggae space, but they will also be continuously aerated

Double-slatted hinged suspension or suspension squares offer comfort and support while also ensuring that air circulates properly under the mattress.
This ventilation naturally emilinates humidity, condensation and the formation of mildew. The VICTORIA  FLEX double-slatted frame or the VICTORIA  STAR suspended square frame adapt to all cabin dimensions with just  simple cutting or adding on.

There are two primary types of mattress frames : slatted or suspended squares.  To choose the best frame, you must take into consideration the type of mattress you have. Each mattress has its best-fitting frame :

• The VICTORIA FLEX self-carrying, double-slatted hinged frame made of beech plywood is designed for latex mattresses.  The high number of slats offers perfect adaption to the sleeper's morphology.

• The VICTORIA STAR suspended-squares frame, which is very aery and offers three different comfort zones, head, lower back and legs, was developed for HR foam and Tempur viscoelastic mattresses


An underlay's usefulness is purely technical and very specific.  Its purpose is to isolate the mattress from its frame by creating a vacuum which allows humidity caused by heat and transpiration to evacuate. Thereby extending the life of your bedding.

Two models:

The VICTORIA MAT ecological underlay and the VICTORIA DRY high tech underlay made from 3D fibers.