Latex Mattress


Latex mattress is clean, hypoallergenic and keeps its shape through time. Exceptional elasticity for high-quality comfort and multi-zone support which respects individual body shapes. 

Remarkable anti-bacterian properties for this natural, micro-honeycombed material.


Inviting ticking, a generous 14 cm of  latex thickness and a Victoria dry honeycomb underlay, finished thickness 16 cm.
A best seller which has satisfied Victoria customers for  25 ans.
Perfectly adapts to your morphology due to seven separate support zones for an ideally straight sleeping position.
Mounted onto a Victoria Dry anti-humidity underlay, it includes additional support at the top to maintain and comfort the lumbar region of the body
Victoria Yachting recommends that you use it atop the Victoria flex slatted mattress frame. 


The ultimate Victoria latex mattress.
A welcome and exceptional suspension due to its 20 cm thickness.
Luxurious details, 4 handles, 4 airholes, Victoria ticking, Victoria dry underlay or Victoria Tec breathable and no-slip felt for slatted mattress frames.


Optimum comfort in a minimum of thickness. This 14 cm mattress is particularly well-adapted to small spaces while still providing latex's multizone quality and inviting Victoria ticking ; atop a 10 cm  Victoria Dry honeycomb base to evacuate condensation.



Exclusive Victoria damask ticking 55% cotton, 45 % polyester, sanitized treament (anti-dust mite) and anti-mosquito.
Multi-needled padded platform with a thick layer of hollow fiber padding 400 gr/m2, quilted perimetric band.


  • Two-part mattress.
  • Two-part mattress with Plicature hinge so that it can fold up
  • 45° cut so that you don't feel the separation zone between both mattresses
  • DUO mattress with different levels of firmness pefectly adapted to the morphology of each sleeper.
  • Removable and washable mattress covers in Trevira CS flame-retardant M1
  • Removable mattress covers in double-mesh stretch jersey
  • MCA or RINA Flame-retardant (please specify)
  • Options : sliding closure for attaching 2 mattresses and overlay