Cabin Linens

Natural or synthetic

Anti-dust mite, anti-bacterian and anti-mildew  treated, the comforters, pillows and their casings bring you the greatest comfort on board under any circumstance

The comforters are made-to-order depending on your mattress shape and cabin size.

A choice of filling: synthetic, natural, 70 to 98 % down flakes and a VICTORIA-labeled cotton percale casing.


A mid-season comforter, soft filling made from 400 g/m2 "Confort Yacht' multichannel, hollow siliconized fibers , helps evacuate humidity caused by transpiration. Machine washable 30° C.


All-season comforter, light and soft filled with an exclusive mix of  70 % raw silk (insulating properties) and 30 % pure virgin wool, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterian and anti-mildew treatment
Dry clean only. 


Summer comforter, soft, anti-humidity filling,  with 200 g/m2 "Confort Yacht" mulitchannel, hollow siliconized fibers allowing for complete evacuation of  humidity caused by transpiration. 


The winter comforter, made from a Pacific summer comforter (200g/m²) and one mid-season Oceane comforter (400g/m²), attached by tie-cords.