Bed Linens

Cabin Linens

Three types of fabric :

80-thread count combed cotton percale,matte finish made from the finest cottons.
Easy-Care treated for easy ironing with this tight-weave fabric conceived for daily usage and frequent washing.

Egyptain Cotton, its longer and thinner threads increase wear and lifetime.
It is the fabric of choice for luxury hotels and those that appreciate fine fabrics.
200-600 thread-count, high-quality weave with a matte finish whose tight weave protects it from humidity.

Egyptian Cotton Satin favored for its comfort, softness and lightness.Finely weaved, 300-1200 threads, gives it a soft and silky feel while ensuring resistence and solidity.

These three cotton qualities, 100% Egyptian, provide incomparable softness  and incredibly long-wear, necessary for laundromat washing.

Pack Contents

COMLETE PACK « ready-for-bed » 1 person contains :
A labeled felt mattress protector,

one made-to-order, fitted sheet labeled by cabin,
one made-to-order comforter cover and 200 g -fill comforter,
one pillow case and a 40x60 cm pillow.

STANDARD SET or change for 1 person,

one fitted sheet,one made-to-order comforter cover, one pillow case.

COMPLETE PACK « ready-for-bed » for 2 people contains :
One labeled, felt mattress cover
One made-to-order fitted sheet labeled by cabin,
One made-to-order comforter cover and 200 g - fill comforter,
Two pillow cases and two 40x60 cm pillows.

STANDARD SET or change for 2 people,
One fitted sheet,
One made-to-order comforter cover
Two pillow cases.